About Us

The foundation for a long life of good health starts with expert pet nutrition. At ADVANCE™ we believe that one size doesn’t fit all. So we have used our expertise to understand the unique needs of Australian pets, and create tailored nutritional solutions to meet each growth and development milestone. With a focus on functional ingredients, all our formulas are designed to deliver optimal digestibility, palatability and support lifelong health.

ADVANCE™ products are scientifically formulated to help improve dog and cat health.

ADVANCE™ products offer pet parents a reliable and consistent product of guaranteed quality. We perform laboratory analysis, palatability and digestibility tests on our products to ensure the products meet our stringent internal standards and comply with AAFCO requirements. 

All ADVANCE™ products use science backed by the Waltham Petcare Science Institute, a leading scientific authority on pet nutrition and wellbeing that has advanced the frontiers of pet-centric scientific research for over 50 years. Waltham is proud to conduct their research using pet friendly methods to understand nutrition and care, helping the world’s pets live healthier, happier lives. 

We use science to harness the best of what nature offers. These are just some of the reasons why it is the food of choice for top breeders and professional dog groups.

Uniquely tailored for Australian conditions

Australia is the driest inhabited continent on earth. As Australians, we tend to spend more time outside enjoying our unique climate and easy access to open spaces. We share this lifestyle with our pets as well, and as a result it can have an impact on our pet’s health affecting their hydration level, skin and coat health as well as potential DNA damage.

  • Hydration

In Australia’s climate, cats and dogs need to rehydrate regularly. Low moisture intake can contribute to urinary tract health problems. Specific ADVANCE™ products help promote increased water turnover which helps support a healthy urinary tract.

  • Skin and coat health

Australia has a range of temperature zones and humidity levels which can influence the prevalence of external parasites as well as environmental allergens. A skin barrier that is under stress can result in itchy, dry and flaky skin. Hot spots (areas of moist dermatitis) may be seen more often in warmer weather. All ADVANCE™ Dry products contain Omega 3 and 6 plus Zinc for their beneficial effect on skin and coat health.

  • DNA damage

Australia has one of the highest levels of UV exposure in the world. Pets spending time outdoors are exposed to UV rays even on cloudy days and pets spending time indoors can be exposed to UV rays through windows. UV exposure can lead to free radical production within the body which causes DNA damage. Antioxidants are the body’s best natural defence against free radicals. All ADVANCE™ Dry products are clinically proven to increase the Antioxidant level in pets.