Super Premium Pet Foods

Super Premium Pet Foods

At ADVANCE, we believe that one size doesn’t fit all and use our expertise to understand different pet DNAs and provide tailored nutritional solutions.

To ensure the products in the ADVANCE™ range meet all the nutritional requirements for your pet, a thorough testing process is implemented during the development stage. This stringent testing is maintained even after the products are available on the shelves of the specialist pet food outlet.

Dietary requirements of pets

Pets need a complete and balanced diet that meets all their nutritional requirements to live a long and healthy life. For instance, growing puppies need two to three times as much energy as adults as well as strictly controlled calcium and phosphorus levels, and their diet at this life stage must deliver accordingly.

The components of food that provide the energy for growth, maintenance and activity are called nutrients. These nutrients include proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and water. As well as the essential nutrients there are also other important dietary considerations:

  • Food must be palatable - what's left in the bowl is of no nutritional value.
  • Food must be sufficiently concentrated so that your pet eats enough to meet its particular nutrient needs.
  • Absorption into the body is only possible if the nutrients are in a digestible form.
  • The diet must be safe, which means it should be free of toxins, harmful bacteria and parasites.

So, how do you know that what you're feeding your pets is nutritionally complete and balanced? How can you be certain that you're fulfilling all the above requirements? Without the help of a research laboratory or having a degree in nutrition you can't be sure. However, you can be certain if you're feeding a super premium pet food.


It's not just high quality ingredients and advanced manufacturing processes that make super premium pet foods - it also involves meticulous testing procedures. MARS Petcare is committed to delivering high quality standards for our customers, as well as meeting the nutritional guidelines of both the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) and our own nutritionists at the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition (WCPN) in the UK.

Maintaining the highest standards of quality and nutrition is achieved by implementing a three-step process, starting with laboratory analysis. The MFANZ Research and Development team studies new and existing pet food products and compares their findings with recognised nutrient profiles from Waltham and AAFCO. Laboratory analysis ensures that nutrients are present in the correct ratio to the energy content of the diet and also in the correct ratio to other nutrients. The analysis will also verify that nutrients present meet life stage and lifestyle requirements – that is growth, adult maintenance, pregnancy & lactation, light and active.

Once a pet food recipe is defined it undergoes palatability (acceptance/consumption) and digestibility testing through non-invasive trials within special feeding facilities. These trials determine the actual feeding performance of the product.

The last stage in testing is where the diet is fed for the life stage for which it was designed. These tests ensure that foods meet feeding procedures and nutritional levels established by AAFCO for Growth. Adult maintenance, Gestation and Lactation. Further quality checks are continuously undertaken to ensure the ADVANCE™ range of pet foods is made using only ingredients that meet pre-determined quality standards. This rigorous testing helps ensure the highest quality products are consistently delivered to our customers.