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Make playtime awesome!


Puppy 03 puppy feeding time from Advancepet on Vimeo.

Prioritise play

Playtime is an essential daily activity for all kittens, especially those that live indoors.

Play helps a kitten condition their muscles and joints which supports physical health.  It also provides much needed mental stimulation helping a kitten keep their mind sharp. 

When you get involved in playtime, you both get to share wonderful bonding time as well as the opportunity to create precious memories.  By stimulating their hunting instinct, your kitten won't be able to resist joining in by pouncing and jumping. 

Great playtime ideas

• Playful kittens adore anything that you can make move, twitch or disappear out of sight! 

• Toys with feathers or anything on a string will bring out your kitten's natural hunting instincts:

Watch as your kitten stalks and pounces, but beware of those sharp little claws!  Be sure to let your kitten catch their 'prey' now and then, otherwise playtime will lead to a build-up of frustration.  This can be an issue particularly with laser style cat toys.  To combat this, ensure your play session ends by allowing your cat to hunt and catch an actual, physical toy. 

• Other toys a cat will love include catnip mice and sacks, bouncy balls and balls filled with toys

• Treat dispensing toys are great and can also be used by cats.  Be sure to account for this food in your cat's daily ration and let your cat 'play' for their meal. 

• Consider cutting a hole in a cardboard box, and see how your kitten enjoys playing and hiding in it.

• A cardboard tube will give you and your kitten endless entertainment, especially if something pops out of the end!