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Ways to pamper your cat on their birthday


Many happy returns

If your kitty has a birthday or anniversary coming up, we know you’re going to want to celebrate!  Our cats are special family members, so here’s some fun ways you can make the day memorable. 

Gift time

Buy your furry friend a gift to show them how much you care! 

Does your cat need a snazzy new collar, or maybe something to snuggle up with in their basket? 

Perhaps your cat needs a new toy they can chase and pounce on?  Playtime is an essential daily activity for all cats, and for those that live indoors, it may be their main source of exercise.  Play helps a kitty condition their muscles and joints which supports physical health.  It also provides much needed mental stimulation helping your cat keep their mind sharp.  New toys bring the novelty factor, and can encourage even the most snoozy of felines to get active!

Also consider a puzzle feeder toy as these provide mental stimulation to help keep your pet occupied when you’re not home. 

Book a pamper appointment

Perhaps your kitty could do with some spa treatment and a bit of a makeover?  Book them a pamper session at a local groomer to get the tangles out, as well as a nail trim, so they can look and feel great for their special day!

Make a cat-friendly ‘birthday cake’

Create a cat-friendly ‘birthday cake’ using a few tasty wet cat food trays layered up.  Choose flavours that your kitty loves, and you can also sprinkle some dry food kibble between the layers and decorate with cat treats on the top.  Don’t forget to sing happy birthday!

Have a snooze together

Take some time out from your busy schedule, and follow your cat’s lead … all the way to a quiet, sunny spot.  Take a birthday nap together, or get cozy on the couch for a movie.  You’ll feel like it’s your birthday too!

Photo shoot

Capture the special day on film, by booking a professional photo shoot.  That way you can both enjoy the session, without any frustrations!  A good pet photographer will design the session around your cat’s personality and comfort levels.  If your cat is shy and timid, the photographer can work with your cat and at a pace that suits them.  You’re sure to get the photos you want.

Whichever way you choose to celebrate your best friend’s special day, the main thing is that your feline buddy gets to spend extra time with you.  That will be the best present in the world!