NOW READING: Ways to pamper your dog on their birthday

Ways to pamper your dog on their birthday


Many happy returns

If your pooch has a birthday or anniversary coming up, we know you’re going to want to celebrate!  Our dogs are special family members, so here’s some fun ways you can make their day memorable. 

Gift time

Did you know that 62% of Australian dog parents buy their dog a birthday present?  Does your dog need a snazzy new collar or lead, or perhaps their bed could do with an update?  Also consider a new chew toy or a puzzle feeder as these are great for providing mental stimulation to help keep your pet occupied when you’re not home.  For a bit of fun you could also take your dog along to a local dog-friendly pet supplies store, let them wander the aisles and select their own gift!

Plan a fun doggy day out

Today’s the day for an extra special outing!  You might like to start at a pet-friendly café before heading out on a walk somewhere you both haven’t been before.  Find a new walking trail or dog park so that your dog can explore the varied sights and allow plenty of time for all those exciting and unfamiliar smells!

Book a pamper appointment

Perhaps your pooch could do with some spa treatment and a bit of a makeover?  Book them a pamper session at a local groomer for a bath, groom and nail trim to get them looking and feeling great.  Then take them out to a pet-friendly venue to show off their new look!

Doggy birthday party 

Does your dog have a few good doggy pals?  Or maybe you’d prefer to invite some family and friends with sociable dogs over to your place, or meet at a local park.  You can play some fun dog inspired party games and serve dog-friendly cake.  Play a version of the classic Musical Chairs game by having all dogs on a leash.  Ask their dog parents to walk them around while the music is playing and when the music stops shout ‘sit’.  The last pooch to bring tail to ground is out!  Have a prize for the winner.

When partying outside make sure there’s shade and water and that all dogs are well supervised.  You can even prepare doggie bags filled with pet treats to hand out when the party’s over.  Remember to take lots of photos of your pet’s special day!

Make a dog-friendly ‘birthday cake’

Create a dog-friendly ‘birthday cake’ using a few tasty wet dog food trays layered up.  Choose flavours that your pup loves, and you can also sprinkle some dry food kibble between the layers and decorate with pet treats on the top.  Don’t forget to sing happy birthday!

Whichever way you choose to celebrate your best friend’s special day, the main thing is that your pup gets to spend extra time with you.  That will be the best present in the world!