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You and Your Dog


Behavioural training

Good training plays a big role in ensuring a happy and successful relationship with your dog. Your new best friend wants to please you, so it is more effective to lavish praise and reward good behaviour than to punish bad behaviour. Undesirable behaviour that does occur must be corrected at the instant it happens with a loud, gruff, 'NO'. The key is gentle guidanceconsistency, and consideration for a dog's fragile spirit.


Regular grooming is a must to keep your dog looking and feeling its best. The breed of your dog will determine the amount of time you will need to spend grooming. Long-haired breeds will probably need brushing every day, and short-haired breeds only once a week. Your dog should become accustomed to being combed and brushed as this will allow you to regularly check your four-legged friend for fleasticks or any other potential problem. Regular grooming, with particular attention to problem areas such as ears and body folds, will help maintain a healthy coat.

Bathing is another very important part of looking after your dog - bathing your dog with a medicated shampoo will remove excess dirt and promote healthy skin.

Microchip identification

Lost dogs are an unfortunate part of life, but there are things you can do to ensure your canine is returned to you as quickly as possible.

Microchips implanted under a dog's skin are now quite common and used like barcodes as a means of permanent identification.

In some areas, microchips are compulsory so talk to your vet about your obligations as a dog owner.

It is also important for your dog to wear a lightweight collar with an identification tag attached. This will be invaluable should your dog become lost. You will also need to attach a registration tag available from your local council.

Travelling with your dog

Many families like to take their pets with them on outings or holidays. It is important that your dog enjoys travel and learns there are certain restrictions required for the safety of people and pets.

Remember - all animals must be restrained when travelling in cars and NEVER leave your dog unattended in the car. Even on cool days, cars can become extremely hot which can be fatal to your dog