The Cavoodle is a cross of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle (toy or miniature) and has become increasingly popular.  This breed will share the traits of both parent lineages.  The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is energetic and loving, which makes them a great choice as a family pet, but it must be stressed they are dogs that belong with people. They are not dogs to be left alone or housed outside as they thrive on human contact. Poodles are renowned for their intelligence.  This makes the Cavoodle reasonably easy to train.

The Cavoodle therefore, may be considered a lively and affectionate dog who will enjoy spending time with people including children.  As watchdogs, they may bark at strangers (and in general they can be vocal), however given their friendly nature will most likely be giving the new person a lick not long after!  Many also choose the Cavoodle in the hope of getting a dog with a non-shedding coat or perhaps a dog that is advantageous for people with allergies. 


Cavoodles are a small to medium sized dog, generally weighing between 5kg to 14kg and standing 25cm to 38cm tall.


Cavoodles can live for around 12-15 years.


Lively, affectionate, intelligent and like to be involved in all aspects of family life.




The Cavoodle may inherit elements of the Poodle-type coat which is a single coat that has the quality and appearance of lamb's wool. The Cavoodle coat is more likely to be wavy and while they will shed, the hair becomes tangled and trapped in the surrounding coat.  This can give the appearance that they don’t shed or shed only minimally.  In general, Cavoodles must be groomed regularly, or the coat becomes a knotted unsightly mess.  They will require weekly brushing as well as a clip every 6 weeks.  A Cavoodle, may also display a straighter coat if they take on more of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel coat characteristics. 

Their coat comes in a range of colours including cream, tan, red and gold or darker colours such as brown or black.  In addition, they may also have markings in these colours.  This may be a good choice for allergy sufferers, however allergic response varies amongst individuals.

A balanced diet, regular exercise and routine are needed. Every dog must be house-trained, obedient and easy to manage. Love is the most important requirement of all. In return, you will be rewarded with love and loyalty from your Cavoodle.


Almost anyone. The Cavoodle makes an ideal companion for someone who lives in a small or confined space and is also well suited to families, even with young children.


If you have decided that the Cavoodle is the dog for you and you are able to provide a safe and secure back yard for it to explore, then contact one of the groups listed below:

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