Choosing Your Cat

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Cats are undoubtedly one of the easiest and most popular pets to own thanks to their simple needs and the immediate love, loyalty and affection they give to their owners. In fact, research undertaken by leading universities and pet authorities has shown that stroking a cat can lower the heart rate, reduce stress levels and even speed up recovery after illness.



Owning a cat is an extremely rewarding experience that brings a wealth of love and enjoyment to almost any home.

There are over forty different breeds of cat and many more varieties to consider - each with its own personality. It is important to choose your cat carefully and not select on looks alone - find out about the breed's temperament, activity level, and special requirements. Remember, longhaired cats are very attractive, but you need to be prepared to brush them daily to keep their coat in good condition.

Welcome Home

When bringing an adult cat into your home for the first time, it is important to make sure you are well prepared for its arrival.

Your cat will need:

  • A warm, draught-free, safe place to sleep
  • A cosy bed - a basket lined with old blankets or towels
  • Two clean, unbreakable bowls for food and water
  • A supply of cat food
  • A litter tray
  • A light collar
  • A few simple toys
  • A name - chosen before arrival and used whenever you are feeding, patting, playing, or grooming.

While cats are remarkably adaptable animals, they do take some time to settle in to any new environment. Allow your cat plenty of time to explore your home at its own pace and try to keep the household relatively quiet and visitor-free for the first few days. Any other family pets should be introduced slowly and only under close supervision.

In time your cat's natural curiosity will take over and it will soon feel right at home.