Choosing Your Kitten

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A new kitten brings a wealth of love and enjoyment to a home and the positive health benefits gained from owning a cat cannot be underestimated. There are over 40 different breeds of cat and many more varieties. Apart from the differences in their appearance, each breed has a distinct temperament and personality.

It is important to choose your new kitten carefully and not select on looks alone - find out about the temperament, activity level, and special requirements. Remember, longhaired cats are very attractive, but you need to be prepared to brush them daily to keep their coat in good condition.

Welcome Home

Your home should be well prepared for your new kitten before you bring it back. Your kitten will need:

  • A warm, draught-free, safe place to sleep
  • A cosy bed - a basket lined with old blankets or towels is ideal
  • Two clean, unbreakable bowls for food and water
  • A supply of the kitten's current food
  • A litter tray
  • A light collar
  • A few simple toys
  • A name - chosen before arrival and used whenever you are feeding, patting, playing, or grooming


In order for your kitten to adapt to a new environment and settle into a regular feeding and sleeping routine, the household should be kept relatively quiet and visitors kept to a minimum for the first two weeks. Children should be reminded that the new kitten needs lots of rest and should not be over handled.

Any other family pets should be introduced slowly and only under close supervision.