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Meet some of our members

Cruz - Pet parent - Neil - QLD

Cruz acts like a dog at times and follows the kids around everywhere they go!

Paddington Pet parent - Justine - TAS

Paddington loves life and is ALWAYS happy - it’s hard to have a bad day when he’s there, always with a smile on his face.

Kelly - Pet parent - Octavia - VIC

Kelly is a very cheeky Staffy who always makes me feel loved.  He’s my best friend.

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Socialising your puppy

Positive socialisation practices are critical for your puppy

Dogs that are under socialised may become shy, fearful and sometimes…

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Crate training your puppy

Have you considered a crate for your puppy?  

By nature, dogs like cosy, enclosed spaces to rest in, especially if they're feelin…

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Common puppy feeding queries

Feeding your puppy

It can be argued that nothing plays a more important role in healthy puppy growth and development as nutrition…

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Should I feed wet or dry food?

Wet and dry food

There's an ever increasing range of pet food products available, often in a variety of formats.  Many pet parent…

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Common kitten feeding queries

Feeding your kitten

It can be argued that nothing plays a more important role in healthy kitten growth and development as nutriti…

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Caring for your cat's claws

Claw care

Your kitten's sharp little claws are amazing.  They help them balance on smooth and slippery surfaces, and give them a …

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Tips to help your pet cope in the heat

Warmer months

When the weather heats up, it’s vital to consider how prepared your pets are to cope.  Dogs and cats can’t regulate…

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Role of DHA for Puppies and Kittens

Nutrition for growth

How a puppy or kitten is fed is critical for their future health. Certain nutrients are particularly importa…

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Fun home activities with pets

Prioritise play

With social restrictions starting to ease, you’re probably feeling a bit less cooped up in general.  However, man…

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7 Tips To Help A Rescue Dog Settle Into Their New Home

Guest blog by Richard Cross creator of The Dog Clinic which helps dog parents build a strong bond with their pet through positive …

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