Health and Your Dog

ADVANCE™ is a range of super premium foods for dogs for all different lifestages, lifestyles and special needs. All ADVANCE™ products in both dry and wet formats are made here in Australia and offer excellent digestibility, proven through non invasive feeding studies.

Feeding your dog with ADVANCE™


ADVANCE™ is a range of super premium foods for dogs for all different lifestages, lifestyles and special needs.

All ADVANCE™ products in both dry and wet formats are made here in Australia and offer excellent digestibility, proven through non invasive feeding studies.

The recipes all deliver guaranteed palatability and contain no artificial colours.

As additional proof of our confidence in the performance of our products, all the ADVANCE™ range offers an unconditional 100 per cent money-back guarantee.

Food requirements vary depending on a number of factors including your dogs breed, sex, age and activity level. The ADVANCE™ feeding guide on pack are provided as a guide only and actual feeding amounts should be based on your dog's body condition, weight and level of activity. Always ensure that an adequate supply of clean, fresh water is readily available.

Feeding for weight loss

ADVANCE™ Weight Control All Breed is a nutritionally complete and balanced diet that uses chicken as a source of high quality meat protein. It has been carefully developed to meet the specific needs of less active adult dogs and those that tend to gain weight easily.

Up to 44 per cent of dogs are overweight putting their overall health and well being at serious risk. Overweight pets are likely to:

  • Live a less active and shorter life
  • Be more prone to joint and mobility problems
  • Develop skin problems and a lower resistance to infection
  • Be at greater risk during surgery
  • Be disinterested in exercise and play

ADVANCE™ Weight Control All Breed is available in both wet and dry formats and is appropriately supplemented with vitamins and minerals to ensure adequate intake at a reduced calorie level.

WALTHAM studies have demonstrated that optimum body composition and a reduced risk of excess weight gain can be achieved with foods of this type.

Any canine weight loss should be achieved gradually. A 15 per cent decrease in body weight is considered a realistic initial goal. We recommend consulting your vet before beginning any weight reduction program for your dog.

Feeding of your senior dog

ADVANCE™ Senior All Breed is a complete food ideal for giant breeds +5 years and smaller breeds +8 years. It has been carefully developed to ensure your dog continues to receive the right amount and quality of nutrients as its metabolism changes.

ADVANCE™ Senior All Breed contains stabilised green lipped mussel powder to help maintain healthy joints and mobility and is also high in protein to help retain muscle condition in the ageing dog.

Regular exercise and a healthy body weight are also beneficial in maintaining mobility and mental alertness in older pets.

Gestation and lactation feeding

Looking after your breeding bitch is not difficult provided you make some adjustments to her routine and feed her well. Pregnancy in the bitch lasts about nine weeks. Most foetal growth takes place during the last three weeks of gestation so pregnant bitches in good condition at mating will not usually need extra nutrients and energy until the last third of pregnancy.

Overfeeding early on in pregnancy can cause your bitch to become fat and may cause problems at whelping. As a general rule, the amount of food you offer your pregnant bitch should be increased by 10-15 per cent per week from the fifth week onwards. If you follow this formula, she will be eating approximately 50 per cent more at the time of whelping than when she was mated.

Your bitch's diet should be complete and balanced, palatable and easily digested. ADVANCE™ Active All Breed, ADVANCE™ Puppy Plus Rehydratable and ADVANCE™ Puppy Plus Growth are all designed to meet all these requirements and have an increased energy density as well as being high in quality protein. Because these foods are complete and balanced, all the other essential nutrients will automatically be supplied by feeding to meet her increased energy requirements. The use of vitamin or mineral supplements is unlikely to be beneficial and, in excess, may actually do harm. We recommend you consult your vet if you are considering using supplements.

In late pregnancy the uterus takes up so much space that the bitch's stomach cannot expand as much as normal when she eats. Sometimes bitches with large litters lose their appetite as a result of reduced activity during the last 10 days or so of pregnancy. In these cases, it is sensible to feed several smaller meals per day, rather than one large meal.

Lactation is the biggest test of nutrition for the breeding bitch. She must eat, digest, absorb and use very large amounts of nutrients to produce sufficient milk to support the growth and development of several puppies. She may need to eat up to four times her normal calorie intake at peak lactation (three - four weeks after whelping). Her requirements for all other nutrients are similarly increased.

ADVANCE™ Puppy Plus Rehydratable, Puppy Plus Growth or Active All Breed are all ideal for feeding your lactating bitch since they will supply the energy and high quality protein she needs for milk production. Because of the sheer volume of food that is involved, provide her with four or five small meals per day, or ad libitum. Lactating bitches need a lot of fluid to make milk, so make sure that an ample supply of fresh drinking water is always available.

Your dog's health

You can help your dog's long-term well being by regularly consulting a vet who can guide you on all aspects of your pets' health. Your vet will undertake a thorough health check and can show you how to safely examine your dog's eyesearsmouth and coat.

Your dog should have received the first of a series of vaccinations to protect it from potentially fatal canine diseases. Ensure you get a copy of your dog's vaccination certificate from its' previous owner. If your dog has not been vaccinated, you should do so as soon as possible.

Preventing parasites*

Dogs need to be wormed regularly to remove parasitic worms that live in the intestine. All dogs should be treated for roundworm, hookworm and tapeworm once every 3 months, using a broad spectrum worming preparation. It is also essential to treat your dog for heartworm, which is debilitating, painful and can be fatal. We recommend consulting your vet to discuss a treatment regime best suited for your dog.

Fleas and ticks become a particular nuisance in the warmer months when they are more active, so it is a good idea to implement an integrated flea control program as soon as possible to help your canine stay flea and tick free. Remember, dogs can quickly become re-infested so be sure to treat its bedding, surrounding environment and other pets as well. If you live in an area where ticks are a problem, you should check you dog daily for ticks during summer. If you find a tick consult your vet immediately for advice.

*This parasite treatment information relates to Australian conditions only. We recommend consultation with you vet for individual requirements in other countries.


If you do not intend to breed from your pup, both male and female puppies should be desexed from six months of age. There is little difference between male and female pups once they have been desexed - both make affectionate and home-loving pets.