Active Ingredients for Better Pet Wellbeing

Our nutrient-rich, premium recipes are rooted in science. They contain research-based, natural ingredients free of artificial preservatives that are better for your pet and the planet. We know what pets need. Now, you do too.

Brain Health
Healthy Body Weight
Hairball Reduction
Joint Health
Reduced Coat Scale
Dental Care
Gut Microbiome
Digestive Health
Skin and Coat
Healthy Stool
Heart Health
Vascular Health
Immunity Natural Defences
Healthy Vision
No Data Available

Evidence-based taste in every bite

We care what we put into our bodies. Our pets should too. Serve them the food that’s formulated by science but made with love.

Evidence-based taste in every bite

Trusted by Aussie Pet Professionals

ADVANCE™ combines the best natural ingredients with expert scientific knowledge to develop premium nutritional solutions that are trusted by vets, breeders and pet professionals.

Advance kibble technology

Better for pets, people and the planet

We’re on a mission to use all the resources we have — our science, our voice, our business and our community — to produce nourishing food, without the footprint. Why? Because we’re building the world we want to live in tomorrow, today.

Every ingredient and formula  tested specifically for pets

Proudly Australian

We're Aussie to the core, backed by the globally-renowned Waltham Pet Science Institute. Our pet food is made for the Aussie climate, with the best quality ingredients.

Proudly grown in regional Australia