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ADVANCE™ Mixed-Breed Identification DNA Test

Your mixed-breed dog is a mixed bag of genetic traits. Understanding their ancestry helps you and your veterinarian create an effective health and wellness program.


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Join our community of like-minded, passionate pet-owners and share your stories, pictures, and tips. You can also get the latest nutrition advice and information on pet health from our experts.


Guide Dogs of Australia

ADVANCE™ is proud to sponsor Guide Dogs of Australia. From birth to adulthood, ADVANCE™ supplies the Guide Dogs with the right food for every stage of their development.


Puppy and Kitten Care

We're here to give you the very best advice and all the encouragement you need to discover more about your pet. So you can provide the best possible care in return for their unconditional love.


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Access the weigh-in clinic for professional advice on safe and effective weight loss for cats and dogs.

Pet Nutrition Course

Try our "New" Nutrition course and earn 10 CPD continuing education credits points

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Download the Advisor app for information on day to day care and advice for cats and dogs.


DNA testing for mixed breed dogs

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DNA Results

Clinic management system for DNA results.


Australian food for Australian pets

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WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition

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