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Science-based taste in every bowl

ADVANCE™ combines the best natural ingredients with expert scientific knowledge to develop research-based pet food that supports the nutritional needs of your pet at every stage of their lives.


Supercharge their health

Backed by the globally-renowned Waltham Pet Science Institute and Guide Dogs Australia, our bespoke nutritional solutions are trusted by vets, breeders and pet professionals across Australia and the world.

Better pet nutrition, powered by Aussie Science


Premium, nutrient-rich ingredients

Every bowl of ADVANCE™ contains essential vitamins and minerals that are free of toxins and artificial preservatives.


Backed by clinical research

As a homegrown leader in pet wellness, we partner with world-renowned authorities in petcare and nutrition to develop evidence-based formulas.


Tailored to age, breed and need

ADVANCE™ is scientifically tailored to support the unique nutritional needs of cats and dogs at all lifestages. 

Scientist, Advance Pet

"Research and science are the building blocks for every recipe we create at ADVANCE™. It drives us to craft nutrient-rich food that focuses on pet wellbeing, helping them live happier and healthier lives."

Dr. Wei Wei Tow

ANZ R&D Program Manager (Dry and Caring & Treats), Mars Pet Nutrition

We’re on a mission to enhance pet wellbeing


Evidence-based always


Backed by Waltham Institute


Tailored to their needs


Purposeful ingredients


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