Why people love Advance™

My dog enjoyed the ADVANCETM Adult Large Breed Chicken Dry Food, I think knowing the health benefits and nutrition it will provide for my big boy makes me assured and completely satisfied his getting the best possible nutritional needs for him on a daily basis, and considering the digestive problems he does have this helps with all that which makes me confident in using this product.

Danielle, VIC

My boys just adore ADVANCETM Wet Food and knowing how good it was for them made me feel so happy for them. They could eat this all day - even my most fussiest boy Muffin couldn’t get enough.

Melanie, NSW

Very happy with this product. It's high quality, Australian made and assists with urinary tract health (which both my cats have been put on a special diet for). My cats love it and stare at the bag for ages (when they're not trying to break into it!)

Jade, WA